This bird can speak Japanese, even answer the phone

Meet Abe-Chan, a bird that can speak Japanese good enough answer the phone and hold a conversation.  He loves to converse with his owner.  Here is how a typical conversation goes, dialogue below.

Bird : “Good morning.”
Owner : “Good morning.”
Bird : “A good boy”
Owner : “Yes, you a good boy”
Owner : “Abe-chan, stay a good boy while I’m out, can you?”
Bird : “Yes.”
Owner : “You can? Great”
Owner : “Please stay a good boy”
Bird : “Got it”
Owner : “You got it? Great”
Bird : “A good boy”
Owner : “A very good boy , Abe-chan.”
Owner : “Behave yourself while I’m out, will you?”
Bird : “Yes, Got it.”

Just in case you are wondering, Abe-Chan is a Common Hill Myna, often just called a Hill Myna.  They are found all throughout Souther Asia and well known for their amazing ability to imitate human speech.