Stray Pit Bull saves woman’s life by fending off knife-wielding attacker

A pit bull in Balwin, Georgia who had spent his entire life on the streets became an unlikely hero.  The pit bull came across a man and a woman engaged in a heated argument.  When the man pulled out a knife, the 75-pount stray pill bull leaped between the two, fending off the knife-wielding attacker.


Sadly, the pit bull was stabbed five times and left for dead, a sacrifice he was willing to make in order to save a stranger’s life.


When two police officers arrived at the scene, they found the dog bleeding out.  Despite the grim situation, they decided not to give up on him.  It was late in the evening but they managed to find a vet. who was willing to treat the wounded dog.


“His gums were white already because he had lost so much blood,”  one of the officers said.  But, like a true hero, he overcame all odds and eventually made a full recovery.


He is now up for adoption at Welch’s rescue in Tennessee.  He has also been given a fitting name: HERO.

For adoption inquiries, follow this link.