Lost baby squirrel wants to be adopted by helpful human

This baby red squirrel must have been a cat in his previous life. Watch as he tries to adopt this human as his parent when the human tries to provide some help.

“While I was working in my back yard in the wood pile I heard a noise, looked over and this baby red squirrel was watching me from about 2 feet away. I said ‘hello’ and he ran right over to me and would not leave me alone.

When I set him down and walked away quickly he chased me and ran up my leg. Still trying to figure out what to feed him (her?). I hope he has not imprinted on me. I have another video I took of him chasing me around the back yard and in the house.”

He has tried to feed him the following foods:
plain water, not interested
skim milk, not interested
mixture of water and milk, not interested
cracker, not interested
peanut butter, not interested
my finger, VERY interested!!