Dog joins marathon runner on a grueling race, unexpectedly gets adopted

Dion Leonard was participating in a six-day marathon race called the “Gobi March” across one of China’s longest spanning deserts. Unexpectedly, during the second day of this grueling race, he noticed a small stray dog running along his side.
Leonard then noticed that pup was the same one who had been hanging around their camp the night before.
The dog ran with Leonard all the way back to his tent at the camp base.stray-dog-adoped-by-marathon-runner-7
Once at the base camp,  he laid down next to Leonard.  “And that was that — a bond had been developed,” he said.
The dog stayed with Leonard all throughout the race. He named the dog “Gobi” in honour of the race.  Even other runners shared their food to feed him.stray-dog-adoped-by-marathon-runner-4
What surprised Leonard was how well behaved the dog was.  stray-dog-adoped-by-marathon-runner-3
By the end of the race, Leonard and Gobi had formed an unbreakable tie. That inspired Leonard to adopt the pup.  But because adoption costs were outside his financial reach, Leonard decided to ask for a little bit of help and set up a crowdfunding page to help with Gobi’s adoption. stray-dog-adoped-by-marathon-runner-1
Many people pitched in and the goal was surpassed. Leonard has started the adoption process.  In the meantime, Gobi is staying with one of Leonard friends in China.  Gobi is expected to reunite with Leonard very soon.