Mama dog breaks out of her Kennel to comfort crying puppies

Maggie, an Australian shepherd, was put out for adoption after her puppies were taken away from her. Luckily, she was able to find another permanent home but her new owners needed to shelter her for one day at Barker’s Pet Motel and Grooming before they could take her home.

While Maggie was staying at the Pet Motel, the security cameras captured Maggie doing amazing. Apparently, Maggie heard the noise of crying puppies located elsewhere in the vicinity and quickly broke out of her kennel in order to comfort them.

“There’s a gate at the front of the kennel,  and there’s a spot where we can just slide in a water bowl. She pushed out her water bowl and wriggled her way through the opening.” The business owner told The Dodo.

Once Maggie found the puppies, she was not able to open the gate to get in their kennel, so she decided to stay close to them regardless.  The following day, the business owner discovered Maggie next to the puppies’ kennel, so he decided to open the kennel and allow her to go in.

“She was super affectionate with them, she was mouthing them. And they were kissing her chin. So we just decided to keep them together for the night.”

“When we got back in the morning, they were still all snuggled up.” The owner said.