Traveling Biker rescues badly burned kitten, becomes his best road trip companion ever

It is moments like this that restore our faith in humanity.  Pat Doody was on his way back from the Born Free, a bike show held in California.  Upon arriving in Nevada, things took an interesting twist.

“I was at this truck stop getting gas, and this little guy just needed help. He was pretty badly burned, so I picked him up and tucked him inside my vest. We’re feeding him regularly now, so he’s doing better, even though he’s sort of living on the road until we get home.”

“He’s been eating tuna fish out of those dry-foil packs you can buy, and his burns are pretty much all healed up except for the little spot on his lip. He’s so chill. He just hangs out in my vest when we get on the road. I’ve never met a cat so calm.”

He named his little buddy “Party Cat”.  While on the road with Pat, this kitten made a few friends due to his calm personality.  He now lives with Pat and has even taken his first trip to the vet.

Pat is Awesomelycute’s Hero of the Day.