Incredible – cat survives 64 days without water and food trapped in a moving container


This is Moosey and he has gone through an incredibly terrifying experience that almost cost him his life.  During a relocation from El Paso, Texas to Fairbanks, the Chelf’s cat named Moosey went missing.  They were heartbroken and assumed he ran away.

Moosey, however, was still with them but somehow became trapped in a Futon mattress that was placed in the moving box.  Moosey spent 64 days in the moving box without any food or water.  When the Chelf’s got their moving box they heard subdued meowing coming from the box, opened it and discovered that it was Moosey.  Fortunately, still alive but in pretty bad shape.  They quickly took him to the vet. and it looks like this brave little Guy will make a full recovery.