Stray animals show up to a kind woman’s funeral to pay respects

Margarita Suarez relatives did not know quite what to make of it. The stray dogs kept showing up to her funeral and they did not know why. It was not until they found out that she had been feeding those animals all her life that they figured out they were there to pay their respects.

Margarita was an animal lover all her life. She cared so much for animals that she even carried a bag of food with her where ever she went so that if she ever encountered a hungry animal she could feed it.

The animals were allowed to stay once the staff realized they were there to pay their respects.
While she was alive she fed 20 stray cats, countless stray dogs and birds.


The dogs started showing up early in the morning at the funeral home.


Some dogs would stay longer and some would go, but other kept coming.



A bird shows up at around 3:30am at the funeral home where her body laid.