Sick pot-bellied pig dislikes being at the hospital, but a sweet lullaby and hug put him at ease

Bentley is a 9-month old pot-bellied pig who lives at the EARTH Animal Sanctuary founded by Corinne DiLorenzo.   He fell badly ill due to bacterial meningitis.  He was give a 10% chance of surviving.  But his owner, Corinne DiLorenzo refused to give up on him and as it turns out, Bentley refused to give up as well.  After sometime, his “fighting spirit got him through the meningitis” but unfortunately left him blind.  While he continue to recover at the hospital, Corinne is there to provide some comfort.  This video captures a sweet moment between Corinne and Bentley as Corinne sings a lullaby to put Bentley at ease.

“To a tiny little blind pig, the hospital noises can be very scary, so on my trips to see him every day, I sing to him to comfort him and reassure him that he is loved and that everything is going to be OK. Like all pigs, Bentley is incredibly intelligent and affectionate, and responds to love just like any human child would,”  she wrote.

 Here a fund page setup to cover medical costs associated with Bentley.