Polish animal shelter has its own cat nurse

A black, two month old sick kitten by the name of Rademenes was brought in to a Polish animal shelter to be euthanized.  The veterinary staff at the shelter determined that it had an inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.  But his condition was so bad that they could not put him to sleep.


So the staff decided to put him isolation where staff could provided adequate care and he could possibly recover.  However, Rademenes had been given very little chance of surviving his illness, but he fought hard and eventually recovered.  After his recovery something peculiar began to happen.


Rademenes began to care for other sick animals housed in the same shelter- for cats and dogs alike.


According to the shelter veterinarians as soon as a sick animal shows up at the shelter, Rademenes comes up to them and tries to hug them and sometimes even groom them.  He keeps them company.


In essence, Rademenes has become a cat nurse at the animal shelter that gave him a second chance at life.


The staff has grown fond of Rademenes and he has even become the shelter’s mascot.


Indeed, there is no one there more qualified than Rademenes who truly understands what other animals are going through and the importance of having someone there to care for you.


Rademenes is awesomelycute’s hero of the day!