Mama dog saves her pups from forest fire by digging a hole to protect them

Meet Blacky, she is the proud mom of a litter of nine puppies and one of the smartest dogs you’ll meet.  Not long ago, her life and that of her pups was put in peril, but thanks to her smarts she not only managed to save her life but that of her puppies.

This happened during a forest fire in the city of Valparaiso, Chile.

fore-fireSource: Daily Mail

As Blacky come face to face with the raging fire, she managed to dig a deep hole under a metal container in order to protect her puppies.

The fire was so intense that it devastated anything on its path, affecting more than 1200 acres, killing one person.

However, when the rescuers found Blacky and her pups, all of them were found alive, healthy and doing well.

blackys-pupsSource: Daily Mail

As the news spread out of the rescue, people come forward offering Blacky and her pups a permanent home.


This video shows rescuers frantically rescuing the puppies.  You can see the extreme care they provide for the puppies and the smiles on their faces as the pull the puppies one by one.

Unfortunately, this fire was the result of negligence and officials are looking into bringing charges against the person responsible for setting it ablaze.