Chinese women wake up at 4am everyday to begin cooking for hundreds of stray dogs

Awesomelycute’s heroines of day are these Chinese women whose day begins every morning around 4am.  That is around the time when they begin cooking, cleaning kennels, and feeding 1300 stray dogs.  Even during Holidays such as New Year’s they remain faithful to their animals by taking turns between them to feed them.  It all started in 2000 when, at the time, 45 year old Wang Yanfang welcomed in some puppies, then some cats, and other small animals. She soon forged strong love for these animals.

Fast-forward, 15  year later.  She and a staff of other elderly volunteers are now taking care of 1300 stray dogs in addition to cats, and other small animals.

chinese-women-feed-1300-stray-dogs-1She must cook about 200 pound of food to ensure all dogs get fed accordingly. No easy task for a 60 year old.


She then ensures every animal gets a piece of the pie.



Of course, you can’t forget the water.


Dogs are pulled out selectively for caring.

chinese-women-feed-1300-stray-dogs-6Caring involves grooming, nail trimming, etc…

chinese-women-feed-1300-stray-dogs-5Mrs. Wang Yanfang cleans the dog kennels.

These amazing ladies are true animal lovers who have opened their hearts, and most importantly their shelters to animals in need.  They are true representation of human kindness, love, and dedication.  However, they rely on donations to provided care for this animals.  Unfortunately, I could not locate a donation page to put a link here on the article.  Here are other sources to the story: