8 year old girl begins feeding crows, they start bringing her presents

Crows are well known for their amazing intelligence.  There are well documented cases in which crows utilize tools to gather food from places where their beak can’t reach.  Crows also have an amazing ability to remember faces, in fact, some studies have discovered that a crow can remember the face of a dangerous human for a lifetime. So it is no surprise to find out that they also remember the faces of people who treat them nice, case in point, Gabi Mann.

Gabi Mann, an eight year old girl from Seattle, WA has been feeding the crows around her house ever since she was four years old.  After she consistently set up a feeding schedule and method which consists of filling the birdbath with clean fresh water and leaving peanuts on the bird-feeder every morning, the crows started bringing her random shiny gifts.  These gifts consists of several random objects, some which have special meaning to her.  There are a few which stick out, one tiny metal piece with the word “best” inscribed on it, and a heart shaped bead.

Take a look at the gallery below to get an idea of what these crows like to bring her.