An emotional reunion between old friends – a lion set free and two men who used to take care of him as a cub

This is the story about a lion named Christian.  Christian was purchased by John Rendall and Ace Bourke as a small cub from Harrods pet department in 1969.  This purchase was legal back then.  In the neighborhood were Christian was raised everybody knew and loved  him.  He was even allowed to eat from one of the  local restaurants and play in a nearby graveyard.

Because Christian was growing up fast, John and Ace decided that the best thing for Christian would be to take him to Kenya, his ancestral home.  In 1971 Christian was flown back and released into the wild.   Nine months after his release John and Ace returned to see how their old friend was doing.  What happens next is incredibly amazing.

Below is the full documentary on Christian.