London opens a bar where you can pet owls

You’ve probably heard of cat cafes, but not of owl bars.  London has just opened  an owl bar in an effort to raise funds for owl conservation. It costs about 20 pounds or about 31 dollars (US) for entry, this includes a couple of drinks.  The owl bar will be opened for one week. The proceeds go to the Barn Centre, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of owls in the United Kingdom.



  • limdog

    I’d be a little concerned about petting owls. Those things can bite your finger clean off!

    • ituri

      Owls are pretty smart. They know you’re not a mouse, and they wouldn’t put a mean one in a place where he’d be pet by unsuspecting patrons. XD

      • I’d like to think so too. But then again, you see documentaries like Black Fish and how horrible Sea World is and it’s just sad.

        Still, I’d hope these owls have been socialized and they pick the must human friendly ones. I’d still really like to pet one.

        • Cassandra Dunn

          Seeing as how they probably don’t want to pay for lost fingers, I can’t help but think they have picked socialized owls for this bar.

      • Meggles

        Actually, I used to work with owls and birds of prey at a zoo. Owls are not very smart: their eyes take up most of the space in their head. That’s right, their brains are tiny because of those big eyes.

        But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t remarkable, and adorable creatures! They were my favorite bird to work with at the zoo.

  • DeerRaven

    I just don’t see how this is good for the birds either. They’re nocturnal, their predilection is not to be petted all the time, they hunt for food. I dunno…

    • ituri

      Owls that are socialized to be around people are actually incredibly sweet, and LOVE attention. I’m sure they’re not letting the owls be harassed all day long to exhaustion either, they would get cranky, and a cranky owl is likely to nibble on a customer instead of socialize.

      • Rosalee Adams

        My uncle who was a log walker/tree topper found a ball of down which turned out to be a Barn Owl…it was on a long winding road…
        its mother dead on side..
        Hoot, I know not original, was a wonderful buddy for him

        Over the time he lived in Mill A Flat, mountains of WA state, he also found a wolf pup and a baby raccoon..Named them Lobo and Bandit…what as menagerie he had……

    • Katharine Bessey

      If a raptor of any kind is displeased, it will cause major bleeding to the patrons, so it’s really in their best interest to keep the birds happy. I’d like to come at night myself, which is probably when they turn the feeder mice into the cages. That’s some real owl action 😉

    • stephcarson

      Well, if you are good with zoos, it’s the same sort of thing.

    • Tachybaptus

      It didn’t open till 8pm.

  • She

    What is the first owl? It’s so cute!!

  • nia

    They have owl cafe in Japan.

  • Calmeilles

    Number 5 looks like He Who Must Not Be Named has just walked through the door.

  • What sort of cocktails do owls prefer? 😉

    • ChadHorn

      Mouseitos, of course.

  • Barn Owl Centre

    Share to End, just in case Soho Owl Bar raises its ugly head! Here’s our official Press Statement

    • Bakunin

      Spamming this article isn’t gonna help your cause.

      • Me

        They’re not spamming this article they’re explaining how they are NOT INVOLVED with this dumbass and cruel thing

    • For once I am glad you are spamming this, this article is giving out the wrong info.

    • DL

      You know, exploiting injured and dead owls to evoke an emotional reaction so people will click a link is, in my view, just as bad as actually abusing owls. Either your arguments are capable of standing up on their own merits, or you need sensationalism because you know, somehow, that your claims maybe are not quite they should be.

      • You have an interesting value system there.

  • LameArticle

    What lazy ass excuse for journalism this is. No bar ‘has opened’ in London. None of these pictures are from said bar, that has not opened. From what I can tell, the bar will open for a week. Sad excuse for clickbait…

  • Barn Owl Centre

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! If you really like Owls, PLEASE SHARE & END, just in case Soho Owl Bar raises its ugly head! Here’s our official Press Statement

    • Seriously! This place should be told to stop and this article should be changed.

  • Lemonentry

    Moronic activities for the those who believe the have a Devine right to everything, charity is the excuse that pardons the greedy cunt

  • kirsty mitchell The charity did not back this pathetic bar.

  • Rypoc

    Obviously the owls aren’t being abused. People below are daft. If anything, it increases people’s concern for preserving owl habitat.

  • KingDoDongo

    “The proceeds go to the Barn Centre, a non-profit organization dedicated to
    the protection of owls in the United Kingdom.”

    • See comments above. That is simply not true.

  • William

    I imagine the cost of a steady supply of fresh kittens to feed them would be high.

  • Count Dogula

    It says London, but all the people in the photos appear to be Asian…

  • Sanity Speaks

    Clearly the people who brought these owls into the bar have NO clue what they are doing. Stroking the birds feathers with the front of your fingers or palm of your hand transfers certain chemicals which ruins the waterproofing and means that the bird cannot fly in the rain. You stroke a bird with the BACK of your hand/fingers

    • frankelee

      Pics or it didn’t happen.

    • Cassandra Dunn

      You mean these rescue owls that are unfortunately not able to be released? As much as I agree they should be teaching people the right way to pet a wild bird… People shouldn’t be petting wild birds anyways.

    • Allee

      Just a little fact you seem to be forgetting, owls don’t have waterproof feathers because they make for a noise flight, which cramps the owl’s style to say the least. That said, I completely agree that this bar is a BAD IDEA.

  • Kai Engelmann

    Wow, owls on leashes – sad sad…

  • RaptorRehabVolunteer

    Owls are wild animals, they are not pets. If you want the opportunity to be close to them, do something productive like volunteer for a raptor rehab organization.

  • DipShot

    Is it just me or does wild animals and alcohol sound like a bad idea. I applaud the money raising but what safe guards do they have so no animal will get stressed out or mistreated. How about if someone gets the bird to bit them through their mishandling what then happens to the bird..These animals are raptors or commonly known as apex predators in their area and are probably not a good fit being treated like furniture.

  • DipShot

    Wild predators and people with alcohol in them Hummmm Am I the only one that thinks this could go south.How do they make sure the birds are not stressed out. What happens if a bird bites someone. Tons of Questions

    • Rosalee Adams

      THAT little part entered my mind immediately..

  • DipShot

    One Question really pops out. If the Owls are fine with this why do they have to tie them down. It wouldn’t be that they would fly away so they couldn’t be handled would it

    • Eric Nirschel

      Why put your dog on a leash? If it runs away, it must be because you’re a cruel owner.

      • Me

        Some people keep their dogs on leashes so they don’t bite other people, so they don’t run in front of a vehicle, or eat something that could make them sick. NOT so they can be commercially held as possessions for people to pay to pet

        • Cassandra Dunn

          So that makes it okay for pet dogs to be on a leash (for everyone’s protection) but not owls that were rescued?

        • Justyna Cybulska

          Like a dog an owl may have a wild idea to fly out of the building and get hit by a truck or scared and not be able to find her way back home.

    • bah

      Yeah that owl on the persons head looked REALLY tied down, seriously you internet warriors are annoying, go there and actually learn about something before you make a cock out of yourself

  • Observer

    This is animal abuse and not supported by the orginazation mentioned.

  • Owen
  • Robert Bewley

    This is not awesomely cute. This is disgraceful.

  • Coppelia

    NOT a good thing. Cruel and irresponsible towards the birds. Very dodgy, shifty organiser who lied about having licensed qualified bird handlers on site, AND lied about being affiliated with an owl conservation charity. The owl charity in question have publicly condemned him for using their name to generate ticket sales without their permission, and without any actual arrangement of profits going to them. The event has been arranged by a private events company and all the proceeds go directly to them, it has not been done ‘in an effort to raise funds for owl conservation’ at all. The organiser doesn’t even have permission from the local council to hold the event, and it’s looking unlikely to go ahead:

  • Coppelia
  • Terry

    This is very good. I hope they hit their goal. I love watching Nature films with owls in it, they’re such amazing creatures.

  • Lou

    This is awful. It’s one thing having cat cafes with domesticated cats which are household pets. But an Owl should not ever be a pet, let along kept in a bar where people are likely to get drunk and far too hands on. I can see this ending badly with someone getting hurt – serves them right for this ridiculous idea.

  • Me

    This is so cruel! I hope this place gets shut down! Not cool keeping these owls tied up so dirty humans can soil their feathers

  • Jacob


  • Katharine

    Just leave them alone…….why do humans confine and tether wild animals? Why do humans think they have the right to control wild animals. We really can’t find cuteness and love in ways other than taking wild animals out of their homes and tying them down……when they are supposed to fly!

  • Anoninymouse

    First of all, Owl Cafés are a thing in Japan and have been for a while, also judging by the human subjects of those photos, I’m about 900% sure those are taken from one of said Japanese Owl Cafés.

  • Nahuel

    This is awful. Poor creatures tied up to those poles to be tortured all day long. Insane

  • Eknight

    Thought that you could find who-ers in almost any bar in London!

  • Don Hoang Phetnoi

    I thought I saw everything. But this makes me laugh hard haha! 🙂 cool idea! If you are interest in more extraordinary bars, I found this really interesting list