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  • great peoples

  • Moving.

    • dom

      Where to?

      • In the sense of touching.

        • JSA

          What are you touching?

      • Sarah O

        Tee hee hee hee

  • luke

    yeahhhh…. gandhi didn’t say that.

  • Some of those were quite touching and surprising! The picture of the rescued dogs in China surrounding one man was adorable and made me smile. Thanks for sharing! – Vanessa

  • James
  • Mytanfeet

    Awww I’m definitely tearing up. All of these are amazingly touching, I wish I could know the backstory of each one.

  • Rahul Soni

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  • Eggston

    I don’t understand why everyone things the guy in #8 is great. If the dog is in that much pain or uncomfortable it needs to be put down. Stop being selfish.

    • Eggston


    • Tyler

      Probably because he treats his animal as a family member, you don’t just go kill grandma cause she has a bad back do you?

      • Eggston

        When my dog was starting to have seizures and freaking out because she was Alzheimer-ee, I sure did. I had her from 3 weeks to 13 years old and it was the hardest thing I ever did. But it was the best thing for Her! He needs to let go for the dogs sake, just sick of seeing this pic as some guy (guy/girl) who is a hero, he is selfish.

        • FrNY

          Lighten up Eggston, I mean, you are making an assumption about the poor man, just because there’s a photo of him swimming with his dog. You don’t know the context. I happen to have a 13 year old dog with arthritis and we just give her her meds and she’s quite happy, you know, living.

          I could make all kinds of assumptions about you, like maybe your vet told you the cost of your dog’s anti-seizure meds and you “decided” that it was your dog’s absolutely best interest to be put down, making you a cheap little @&$%, but it wouldn’t be fair, Would it? Well, it’s the same with this gentleman.

          • Eggston

            wow taking this awfully personal there sweetie, get back in the kitchen!

          • Amelie

            Hah, that was a really lame attempt at being condescending.

          • PCON5

            You sir, are an asshat.

          • bradadad

            Obviously a creeper.

          • jrich

            So in addiction to being a hyper critical dick, you’re sexist too. Any takers, ladies?

          • Thi3f

            What a cock.

          • Eggston is an ass.

            Such a dick. Back the fk off and let ppl do whatever they want.

      • Ruby

        ^5 Tyler

    • Elizabeth Atwood

      The dog in #8 is gone. He died last year. Here is an article about him: http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/07/19/schoep-the-arthritic-dog-made-famous-in-viral-photo-dies-at-age-20/

    • Laura WIlson

      This is a ridiculous debate. I firmly believe what Eggston has said. If you love something you do not let it live in pain. You can call him whatever you want to. You can call me, whatever you want to. I believe in the humanitarian approach. I have had many dogs, and cats, and fish. I believe in helping them until the end. However, the end is always closer then we like it to be. I have seen many friend of mine go over hops and bounds, titanium hips etc. And guess what, they still die. Dying is a part of nature.It is how you live that makes a difference, And would I “kill” grandmother if she was in pain and dying for air? You damn well bet I would.

      • Laura WIlson

        Further more I love my animals. You have no idea how much. Comparied an animal to a family member….ridiculous in so many ways. I can show my face Tyler, let us see if you can show yours.

      • Mickey

        So should I be put down because my legs hurt? Should anybody else I know that lives with pain? Should people at nursing homes be scared of you?

  • levlafayette

    You left out the pet rat being given an oxygen mask by firefighters in 2007.


    • Cindy Araya

      Awww! I never heard or seen that one! So touching!

    • suzybee

      awww that’s lovely!

  • Luna Whitewing

    The little girl who sold all of her stuffed animals was ADORABLE!

  • This blog made my day!

  • kelly cutrone
  • mcnern

    faith in humanity restored for today

  • Kelly Black

    The one of the police dog made me cry.

    • Andrea

      It made me cry too

      • 240type .

        Me too – that was the only one that hit me that way.

        • freddy

          that was the worst one, they were about to kill it. stupid pigs

          • Funky P

            Pretty much the most moronic reaction – good job, troll.

          • steve

            I am sure the dog was in injured and in severe pain or he had some sort of cancer that was not curable. (MOST) cops dont just kill dogs.

    • Brick Novax

      same here

      • bobby

        real dusty

    • me too . I love that he was saluted on his last journey

    • suzybee

      why don’t they retire them to a good home? that’s terrible -i’m shocked!

      • Owl of Artemis

        You know that when dogs get really old, their bodies start shutting down and they feel immense pain? So the humane thing to do is put them down before they start vomiting uncontrollably, or lose the use of their lungs or legs. Animals can’t understand those kinds of things. I’m hoping that if you do have older pets, they aren’t suffering in pain because you want to be comforted with ‘not killing’ them. Peace.

  • andrew

    Does anyone have any info on #10? I have friends in brazil that would absolutely love to assist him with care and shelter.

  • Beti

    Lots of dust in here tonight dammit. My allergies are really acting up.

  • Pushpraj Singh

    Really loved that cute little girl Kiana. Many ppl have good hearts but few have a will strong enough.


    very touching

    • nunsftw

      You’re Israeli…the only thing that you find pleasure is murdering thousands of young Palestinian children.

      • nunsftwislame

        The ignorance is strong in this one

  • Wow.. it feels like I am in a good place when I see acts of such kindness

  • Darryl Rubiolo

    Animal rescuers are wonderfu!

  • SolPossum

    feels :'(

  • Planmyad Ooh

    They are our true friends….far better than a human companion ( https://planmyad.com )

  • piper

    Im not even going to lie, I started crying after about the third picture

  • Raven

    #25 died he died bout an hour after they saved him because of to much stress
    knowing that really gets to me because I have a pet squirrel

    • HippieVirgo

      You didn’t have to tell me that. I could’ve went my whole life thinking that sweet baby was running up trees. ­čÖü

  • Duy
  • Harold Glueck

    Hi Kelly,

    I also cried when I saw the last photo of the Police Dog. How thoughtful of you to post it for us.

  • What a great collection…I love it <3

  • #7… Turkish dog at protest… how about… don’t bring your f^&*ng dog to a protest where it might get tear gas in the first place?

    People are monkeys that wear clothes.

  • The photo #15 was taken by a volunteer for Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety in Iquitos, Peru! In 2012 our shelter was destroyed by massive flooding. Read the blog at http://amazoncares.blogspot.com/2012/04/cares-in-jeopardy-due-to-record-high.html. And please remember, tiny charities like Amazon CARES NEED YOUR SUPPORT! We wish that you had provided information or credit.

  • These pictures totally touch my feel ­čÖü

  • Amazing what lengths people will go to for their animals

  • Downtown Harmony

    Wow! That’s Amazing


  • RareAwesomeman

    not to ruin the mood but wouldn’t the dog in the bowl in #15 have just floated? I doubt the dog was that heavy. but this article is a +1 for humanity either way

  • The rat (25) are really made me emotional

  • Cindy Araya

    These pictures made me cry, especially the one about the police dog! I remember reading the article about the police dog going for his last car ride before being put to sleep. :'( Has certainly restored my faith in humanity somewhat.

  • lele

    and this is how animals should be treated with care and love ­čÖé

  • Viviana

    this made me cry:(

  • Micke

    Wtf!! The one of the little girl selling her stuff made cry

  • Pamela Stein

    I cried too!!!

  • driwe

    God bless the animals

  • T3H1

    I guess that old adage where saving a life, albeit that of an animal, still draws us inextricably toward exerting our humanity where helplessness is apparent. Each story was meritorious in that they showed instances of our ability to be compassionate and caring toward less fortunate creatures occupying this earthly with us. Even in that instance where the police dog was been led to what would certainly be its end. Without the full story one can’t really pass judgement. Although, that many officers offering up a salute does say something else apart from a rudimentary callous act being committed.

    • Owl of Artemis

      Do people not euthanize animals in pain anymore? I love my animals more than I ever thought it was possible, they sleep with me, they love me, I hold them and feel my heart burn with love, but if they are super old, in pain from their bodies shutting down, I’m not going to say ‘Well, I don’t want to kill them and feel bad, so I’ll just watch them waste away and cry.’

      • Elizabeth Walsh

        They usually know when it’s time too. When my cat’s liver and kidneys started shutting down, he just stopped eating.

  • Oh i love it

  • Subtlety Rogue

    Sometimes, just sometimes, a human being can emulate God.

    • Sunju

      What are you even talking about? Do you have any idea how many children are raped every day? What great mercy do you think he’s doling out here? Besides, the things that we can do today qualify us as modern day gods. We are creators, genetic meddlers, destroyers beyond comprehension, wrathful, blood thirsty little fucks. All we do is emulate God, but don’t credit a retconned deity with acts of mercy. That is completely to the credit of the individuals involved.

  • The last pic if remarkable.

  • The police dog one is so so sad, what incredible people x

  • true love

  • Gw Kerns

    This is so great! I love to see articles about people doing good things for our furry
    don’t so much like the picture of the tight collar one though.
    loosen those collars every once in a while people!


  • Bumble17

    God…This post made me cry like a 5 year old…

  • web rim jim

    it shows the care of the human in nature

  • kirarozu

    all these pictures are going to kill me with their super kind hearts <3 humanity restored for sure ;w;

  • Davide Sartoris

    Don’t know why you’d bother with a cat. It’s just gonna turn around the next day and eat your food, scratch you and make something fall over. They have 0 gratitude. empathy and loyalty and I wouldn’t waste 5 seconds on one’s life.

    • MothersEarth

      Speaks a man too dumb to raise or figure out a cat..sad. Hope you’re significant other is blond for your sake..

    • HippieVirgo

      You are a sad excuse for a human. You don’t save other living creatures for what you think they will do for you or for gratitude. You do it because it is the humane thing to do from one living being to another.

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  • I really be touching while watching these pics like this Pic. Thanks! – Jenifer – https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/118149102407568099910/118149102407568099910/posts

  • ndz

    Police one made me cry. Hard. I had to lay with my dog and hold him so I could feel any better.

  • HippieVirgo

    Police dog brought me to tears. The rest kept them coming.

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  • those are a touching story ­čÖü

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  • they are the real heroes, it is very touchingand this is what is called human

  • Abid aqila

    great.. thanks for sharing