1. Awww I’m definitely tearing up. All of these are amazingly touching, I wish I could know the backstory of each one.

  2. I don’t understand why everyone things the guy in #8 is great. If the dog is in that much pain or uncomfortable it needs to be put down. Stop being selfish.

    • Probably because he treats his animal as a family member, you don’t just go kill grandma cause she has a bad back do you?

      • When my dog was starting to have seizures and freaking out because she was Alzheimer-ee, I sure did. I had her from 3 weeks to 13 years old and it was the hardest thing I ever did. But it was the best thing for Her! He needs to let go for the dogs sake, just sick of seeing this pic as some guy (guy/girl) who is a hero, he is selfish.

        • Lighten up Eggston, I mean, you are making an assumption about the poor man, just because there’s a photo of him swimming with his dog. You don’t know the context. I happen to have a 13 year old dog with arthritis and we just give her her meds and she’s quite happy, you know, living.

          I could make all kinds of assumptions about you, like maybe your vet told you the cost of your dog’s anti-seizure meds and you “decided” that it was your dog’s absolutely best interest to be put down, making you a cheap little @&$%, but it wouldn’t be fair, Would it? Well, it’s the same with this gentleman.

    • This is a ridiculous debate. I firmly believe what Eggston has said. If you love something you do not let it live in pain. You can call him whatever you want to. You can call me, whatever you want to. I believe in the humanitarian approach. I have had many dogs, and cats, and fish. I believe in helping them until the end. However, the end is always closer then we like it to be. I have seen many friend of mine go over hops and bounds, titanium hips etc. And guess what, they still die. Dying is a part of nature.It is how you live that makes a difference, And would I “kill” grandmother if she was in pain and dying for air? You damn well bet I would.

      • Further more I love my animals. You have no idea how much. Comparied an animal to a family member….ridiculous in so many ways. I can show my face Tyler, let us see if you can show yours.

      • So should I be put down because my legs hurt? Should anybody else I know that lives with pain? Should people at nursing homes be scared of you?

  3. Does anyone have any info on #10? I have friends in brazil that would absolutely love to assist him with care and shelter.

  4. Really loved that cute little girl Kiana. Many ppl have good hearts but few have a will strong enough.

  5. #25 died he died bout an hour after they saved him because of to much stress
    knowing that really gets to me because I have a pet squirrel

  6. Hi Kelly,

    I also cried when I saw the last photo of the Police Dog. How thoughtful of you to post it for us.

  7. #7… Turkish dog at protest… how about… don’t bring your f^&*ng dog to a protest where it might get tear gas in the first place?

    People are monkeys that wear clothes.

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