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Colugos are also known as Cobegos or flying lemurs. However, they are not actually lemurs nor do they fly. Colugos are nocturnal, tree dwelling animals that can glide through air like flying squirrels. They can grow to around 16 inches in length, the size of a large squirrel.

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Deprived of love, proper nutrition, and leaving in pain this baby Orangutan was found caged in a chicken coop where he was fed only condensed milk for almost a year. He was found in such a bad shape that although he is old enough to climb on trees, he can't even stand on his own.

This Pit Bull had been abused by his previous owner so a caring family stepped in and rescued him. He has returned the favor two-fold, he alerted them of a fire that had broke out in their home while they were sleeping, and although they did not have anytime to retrieve anything from their home, all managed to escape before the raging fire could reach them.


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