Sometimes the law makes sense, sometimes it does not.  During an apartment building fire, a man goes back into a his apartment to save his dog.  This was after he had noticed that the fire was getting to close to his unit and the fireman would not step up to save his dog.  So he decides to take matters into his own hands and go back into his apartment via the balcony, break in the slider door and retrieve his dog.  A rescue which only took a few seconds.

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This extremely cute animal is called the Ili Pika, native to the Xinjiang region of China. This is the first time the Ili Pika has been photographed in more than 20 years. Unfortunately, the Ili Pika's population has decreased by more than 70% in the last few decades. Pollution, the decline of grazing land, climate change and other factors have contributed to its decline.

Rupert is a tiny Fennec fox homed at the International Primate Rescue in Pretoria, South Africa. When Rupert is reunited with his best friend, he cannot control his excitement. You see, Rupert's best friend is not one of his own but a cat named William. Rupert and William grew up together when they were little, ever since then they've been best of pals. Check this out, truly heart warming.

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